Sunday, 29 March 2009

look what i did

As promised earlier, here's what i made at Sarah B's this afternoon. We all had a fab time. Angela x


  1. Very nice, Love the photo Hugs Sarah B X

  2. Hello Angela
    Welcome to blogland, i'll give you a week before you are on here saying you are addicted like the rest of us made crafters, once you start checking out the other blogs to see what they have done and get some inspiration you won't be able to stop. I started blogging in Jan09 and have over 3.000 hits already good luck and love the card and basket the colours are devine.
    hugs Debra xx

  3. Hi again Angie, they are lovely , hope you had a good time! Jules x

  4. Hi Angela,
    Love the easter goodies, looks like you had a great time at Sarah's
    Hugs Sarah-Jane xx

  5. Gorgeous projects Angela, glad you had such a great time :) That Sarah B is one talented bunny isn't she?

  6. Hi Angela :)

    Welcome to blogsville! You'll have a wonderful time here .... loads of inspiration and whenever you have a few .... hours! ... to spare ..... you can just make them disappear quick as a flash while checking out everyone elses blog!

    Your card and basket are beautiful :) I love the stamp you used.

    Teri xx

  7. Hi Angela found your blog well done.I agree with Debra you will become addicted I am as you can see sod the cleaning time to myself instead C U 2moro night...