Sunday, 29 March 2009

just getting started

Hi there, I'm only just getting the hang of this, thanks to my friend Sarah. I keep having senior moments and blonde moments all rolled into one. I'm off this afternoon to Sarah's house for a craft workshop. Will have a go when I get back at putting on a piccy of what we made.
See ya Angela x


  1. Hi honey glad you have posted, Hugs Sarah B X

  2. Hiya, welcome to the wonderful world of Blog! Looking forward to seeing some of your makes :)
    Katie xx

  3. what agreat project Im really going to have a go at making one of these baskets welcome to the world of blogging Angela

    hugs Toni xx

  4. The basket and card are lovely. Don't look like beginner's work to me.... hugs Clare x

  5. Hey there Angie, glad you have started a blog, see you on the 25th!! Jules x

  6. Hi,
    Good luck with blogging,
    its not as hard as it looks,
    I look forward to seeing more of you lovely cards etc,
    Craftin hugs

  7. Loving the name of your blog Angela lol xxx